How large, faceless insurance corporations use bail bond middlemen and paramilitary vigilante foot-soldiers to reap billions off-the-back of America’s poor and middle class.

insurance companies
1. The Bosses

The money bail cartel is ruled by large, faceless insurance corporations that make billions in profits every single year.

These are not the mom-and-pop shops that the industry wants you to think they are. In reality, they are massive, national insurance corporations that will do anything to protect their business.

Lobbying Keeps the bail industry thriving:

Since 1990, reliance on commercial money bail has doubled...from just 23% of cases in 1990 to 49% in 2014.

The Bail cartel takes billions in cold, hard cash from poor families and uses that money to wine and dine politicians, lobby elected officials, and fund political campaigns to protect their business.

Over the last two decades in California alone - the money bail insurance cartel has spent $1.7 million to lobby California lawmakers and an additional $3.2 million in campaign contributions.

And it’s working, because the United States is still one of only two countries in the world that permits private, for-profit bail.

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Bail Bondsmen
2. The Middlemen

Protecting public safety. A helping hand in a time of need. Defending your right to stay out of jail.

Bail Bondsmen promise to be the key to your freedom, only to trap you in a web of extortion, ransom, and threats against your life.

Many of these agencies are well practiced in a host of criminal enterprises:

Don’t be fooled. The bail bondsmen say they are crucial to protecting the public, yet they are willing to bail anyone out if the payday is right. The only time you’re worth anything to your “friendly” bail bondsmen is when you’re behind bars and desperate to get out.

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In California, median bail is $50k:

Bail bondsmen keep 10%, costing defendants $5,000 on average before even being convicted of a crime.

Bounty Hunters
3. The Muscle

Every cartel needs muscle willing to operate outside the law. Just how far they’ll go to cash a check will shock and disturb you.

Children. Family pets. Innocent bystanders. Bounty hunters will stop at nothing: brutalizing violence, killing, or abusing anyone to get their payday.

The worst part: no matter how ruthless their crimes get - people die, the money bail industry profits, and the bounty hunters walk free.

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